Filing a chargeback claim when a package is moving perfectly fine will result in termination of the package delivery as it will be unfair for us to lose the purchase price and provide free product. 

 Please kindly reach out to our customer support team instead for assistance and tracking updates with our internal systems for best accuracy & support help.



Before filing any Chargeback or a Dispute, please make sure to contact us first.

Many disputes are caused by misunderstandings, and they are often easy to resolve. Please contact our help center if you have any concerns with your order.

We are working towards making sure that your product arrives at your doorstep. We are also looking for ways to make it so that shipping is a lot faster.

Please do not file a dispute for "slow delayed" shipping, and contact us instead so we can tend to your order for a proper resolution as soon as possible.

Filing a dispute due to COVID-19 delays may even lead to slower deliveries and if a charge back is raised when packages are updating and moving recently will result in a termination of delivery. 

Due to limited logistic options and a focus on health-related cargo, shipping may take 15-20 business days as per our shipping policy.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience.